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 Franchise OfferNgosuresh is a leading consultancy organization under the management of SLV Education Society, providing consultancy  services to NGO’s. in all fields, also helps farmers for NHB subsidy proposal preparation.    

Interested and enthusiastic persons are invited to join hands with us as a franchise. If you have following infrastructure with you, then you can get the benefit of our Franchise offer.

1. Office space around 400 Sq Ft.

2. Two computers with printer, scanner and internet connection.

3.  Franchise fee This is a non-refundable fee to be deposited at the time of awarding the franchisee. The rate structure is different for different cities , e.g.

(a) Rs 1.5 lac for Mumbai & Pune in Maharashtra,Delhi,Hyderabad,Bangalore etc and also applicable to other state capitals in India.

(b) Rs 1 lac for other cities (District Places).

(c) Rs 50,000/- for taluka places.

(d) Please note that the duration of franchisee is 5 ( Five Years ), therefore this franchise fee is also valid for 5 ( Five years ) only.

4. Mode of Payment  The franchisee fee can be paid in the following manner –

(a) For  State Capital cities & Pune – Rs 50,000/- at the time of allotment of franchisee and balance Rs One lac in two installments of Rs 50,000 /- each at the interval of six months (one year in total ).

(b) For other cities (District places) – Rs 50,000/- at the time of allotment of franchisee and balance Rs 50,000 /-  in two installments of Rs 25,000 /- each at the interval of six months (one year in total ).

(c) For Taluka places – Rs 50,000/-.Full amount to be paid at the time of allotment of franchisee.

5. Duration of Franchisee - The Franchisee is Valid for only (5) Five Years. After that the  Franchisee may be renewed. But  in this regards all the rights have been reserved to Ngosuresh only.
                       Franchisees in you local region will attract customers of your district thereby saving their efforts to travel a long distance for small projects like Central Sector Schemes (Less than 10 lacs) and Farmers of your region wishing to implement NHB Projects for Horticulture Development etc. The selected franchisee location will be advertised on our website as well as on Internet. Peoples from your region contacting us will also be directed to your office for consultation.


This is a very logical question to ask, when there are a number of other NGO/institutes claiming to provide similar business offer. Simple and straight reason is "QUALITY PEOPLE FOR QUALITY AND QUICK CONSULTANCY & GUIDANCE " is the core concern here and Ngosuresh follows it strictly. We provide credibility and quality of service and we have put in a lot of hard work to build our credibility with our clients.


A.Your commission (For TALUKA Place Franchisee) in all cases will be @25% and 35% (For District Place Franchisee) of the total fees charged by us.   

B.Pl note that if you are at taluka level, then commission @10% will also be credited to the account of District level franchisee.i.e.25% (Your Commission ) + 10% (Commission to Distt Franchise/agent) = 35%.Also note that this structure is applicable for Consultancy fee only i.e. only from the fees charged for preparation of project report or DPR.

C. For all fees other than this, like follow-up (With Govt) charges which vary from case to case, will be 25%(Your Share) whoever brings the business proposal, and no commission will be paid to others .

d. For detailed business offer please contact us.Please note that we are providing installment facility for payment of our franchisee fee, but still in case you feel some problem , do feel free to contact us.

6.. Opportunities Offered – Franchisee

We are offering Franchisee to interested people /institution/society/ NGO /Trust/Company all over India, who wishes to set up a benchmark in NGO Consultancy and ready to take all the challenges?

There are greater opportunities of earning good amount of money & work with NGO without any risk & Investment.

New franchises will be developed while the existing systems become more fortified and continue to grow. We provide you with a complete roadmap to success, from start to finish:

Everything you need to create, operate, develop and make your business successful.

 Step I – Submission of the Application

First of all, franchisee will have to submit an application form along with required document. In verification if you fulfill all the conditions and the proposed site is found suitable then your application for the franchisee will be approved.

 Step II – Make Payment

Depending on your location, you will have to pay the first installment of  Franchise fees.

Step III– Agreement

Once your franchisee application is approved, we will send you agreement document it is valid for next 5 ( Five ) years. In  case If your payment is not received within a week of approval, your franchisee application will be rejected and the same may be allotted to some other party. After signing the legal agreement, the new franchisee center would be guided in detail. Advertisement and publicity material will be handed over for the final launch of the new centre.

7. Eligibility Criteria for Ngosuresh Franchise

       You should have minimum 250-sq. ft. Space.

       You should have computers, printer, scanner & internet connection.

       You should have  knowledge and experience in this field.

       You should have well profile and having capacity for social work.

       You should have good knowledge of the local market.

       You should have Owned / Rented premises for the proposed center.

       The proposed center should be located on good locality and should be easily approachable.

       You should have financial capability to run a franchisee center.

8.  Benefit to Franchise

       Franchisee fee in easy installments

       Extra & Hidden Charges: NIL.


       Track record of volunteer center and working partner of NGO. 

       Follow up support at New Delhi for selected projects and FCRA. 

       The Center will be entitled to launch varied range of schemes which will attract more number of clients.

       A complete technical and marketing strategy with support visits.

       Wide range of consultancy products e.g. All Central sector schemes, Ngo projects,Grants,NGO Newsletter, Innovative proposals, Fundraising, Donations, Guidelines, New NGO Registration, Foreign Funding, Society programs, Krishi Vigyan Kendra ( KVK),FCRA, 80 G,35AC,12A,PAN Card, Agro Consultancy, Agri schemes, Agro-processing, Winery, Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Fishery, Meat-Poultry-Fish-Food-Fruit Processing, Hi Tech Horticulture, Cold Storage, Cold Chain, Seed production, Medicinal Plants, Sugar Mills, Co-Operatives, Rural Mandi, Rural Business Hub, Sericulture, Dal-Oil Mills,   etc.

 9. Annul Meet:

* We will Give the Annual Award in Special Celebration Program to the Best Performance of Franchisee and Introduce to all of them Franchisee.

10. Training Support:

* we Can provide the Training to Counselors & Faculties at your Franchisee All our Expenses Like Traveling, Hotel stay And Foods will be borne by the Franchisee/Staff only.

* If Franchisee Require the Training Program at own Franchisee Center, All the Expenses of Trainer with Traveling, Lodging, Foods etc will borne by themselves i.e. Local Franchisee.

11. Govt. Taxes:

* All Taxes Liabilities about ( State Government/Municipal or any other ) Local Municipal taxes, (Govt. of India) Service Tax & Income Tax will be paid by the local Franchisee on their Service/ Income, which share earned from that City or Station Franchisee.

12. Legal:

* President / Secretary of SLV Education Society, is authorized to Change or Cancel of any Rule or Terms & Condition, Franchisees Allotment without any Pre Notice.

* Franchisee can Use the Mono and Title of Ngosuresh on every Stationery and Publicity Tools during the Franchisee Validity period.

* All Data / and details of  clients should be sent to AKOLA Head Office by the Every Franchisee

*All disputes are subject to Akola Jurisdiction only.

Judgments of President / Secretary of SLV Education Society , will be Final and Acceptable to the All Parties.

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Franchise Application Form

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I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that false information may be grounds for not alloting me the franchisee or for immediate termination of franchisee at any point in the future if I am alloted. I authorize the verification of any or all information listed above.I have understood and read the guidelines, I also agree to pay the franchise fees as given in the guidelines.
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